Please let us introduce the MARTIN STEEL Capital Ltd.
The MARTIN STEEL Capital Ltd. is a 100% Hungarian-owned company, which manufactures steeltructures and machines. Our company performs its activity with a very strong technological basis. Due to the continuous and successful market work, we have managed to build a good operating contacting capital very soon, in consequence of this, the 95% of the company’s production is tend to export markets. Our main customers are so well-known companies on the world such as FIAT, GP Günter Papenburg AG, Wacker Neuson SE., Henschel Antriebstechnik GmbH. The continuous developing, the quality work and the environmentk-conscious production make possible to meet the requirements of our customers with certain and established production activity. We treat the plates, which are used by us and are in part condition, on the wheel blust equipment, after the welding we sandblast the more important products, with this we can reach the required surface quality without any problem. For the excellent quality treatment of the parts, we have got a CNC horizontal boring machine. We can satisfy the special customer’s requirements in the best quality by our lathe machine (head-bench). We alco can reach high quality on our traditional lathe machines. The welds, which are made by our well trained welders, are distinguished hardly from the welds of welder robots. Our surface treatment and lacquering technology meets the European standard, for which we use 2K ground coat, and 2K varnish paint. We deliver our products to our customers in pre-assembled and tried state. The quality of the products is controlled continuously, and after the final controll they wait for the delivery supplied with the suitable packaging.